c1900 Arts and Crafts beautiful silver cruciform pendant with citrine and matching hand-crafted chain


Gorgeous hand-wrought Arts and Crafts piece, featuring citrines and pearls, c1900

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A fabulous c1900 hand-crafted Arts and Crafts necklace, which is decorated with citrines, pearls and small citrine pastes. To add to the delight, the pendant is still attached to her original citrine beads chain. Like the pendant, it has been lovingly hand-crafted. Such a statement in citrines, which I always find to be such a sunny and joyous gem stone. Several of the features remind me of Sibyl Dunlop’s earlier work, for example, the design of the chain I have seen on several of Sibyl’s necklaces before. The silver balls which form a halo around the pearl on the small link, is the same as Sibyl used on a good number of her pieces.

The large, main citrine is a lemon colour and is beautifully-set as you can see. A small rope work settings sits at the foot of the stone. The cruciform decoration around the central stone consists of scrolls and tiny silver balls. It is set with tiny pearls and tiny yellow pastes, which continue the lovely yellow theme. There is a separate link above that pendant, also decorated with a pearl. The chain is hand-wrought and has 7 faceted citrine beads on each side of the chain running up to the catch.

There is an inscription to the verso “JCD   ACD” so this was mostly likely a love gift. A good length and in super condition – look at those super little flower designs on three places to the verso. Gorgeous. The pendant itself measures approx 7.7cm in height and approx 4.5cm wide. The chain measures approx 72cm (28.5 inches) in length. Catch replacement at some point in her history and in such pleasing condition.

I shall send in a new necklace box and not the box in the images. Complimentary Special Delivery / International courier is included. Thank you. ref:cty